Friday, December 31, 2010

Add a Clock to Your Blog

So that your blog see interesting and beautiful, you can add some blog accessories, one of them is by add a Clock. If you interesting to add a clock to your blog, you can get it for free at site. The example of clock from is like this :

Make a News Paper Style Drop Caps

Do you have read a magazine or newspaper? the answer is surely have. In this opportunity I will study concerning how do to make an alphabet which in printing bigger in comparing with other ordinary alphabet such as in writing in a newspaper or magazine. For example :

How To Make a drop down Menu

Do you ever seen the menu such as below? please click at the menu to see the effect of this menu :
The name of this menu is drop down menu.
To make the dropdown menu, you only make the code be like this :

Add a Search Engine to Your Blog

One of my friend ask to me, how to add a search engine in blogger like this?



Before I answer the the question it is better you know usefulness from a search machine in blog. Installation a search engine in blog of course will make your visitor is easier to find the articles in your blog, for the reason hence opening the big opportunity of your articles will in reading by many visitors.
To the point, to add this search engine to your blog, following this step :

Add Google Talk to Blog

google talk
I'm sure you are surely knew what is the Google Talk, with Google talk you can send instant messages, make voice calls, leave voice mail messages, transfer files and etc, however of course must with other Google user. Do you know, now you can add Google talk to your blog? not yet known its way? please follow the steps following :

Comment Blog Send to @mail

Hi Friends, I'm glad to meet you again at this post. At this opportunity, i will give you a tips. Possibly this tips a lot have known it, however don't close possibility is which not yet known it. This tips is about every your visitor give a comment at your blog automatically sending to your @mail inbox. So that every the comment entering in blog direct in sending automatically to your @mail, hence you have to do setting at setting tab. This is the steps :

How to change the template

At this opportunity, I will discuss about how to change template in First matter to be in considering in changing template is you have to make a backing up your old template, this good for if you feeling not match with your newly template. if you not yet known the way to back up template, please read at the post how to backup template, and also don't forget to back up your widgets (this is very important). For back up your widgets, please read at the post how to backup your widgets.

How to backup your "Widgets"

Be like my promise at my previous post that is i will posting how to backup the data in the widget / page element.

If emerging question do we require to back up the data in page element? the answer is very require to. Because if you change your old template with new template, hence the data in page element will follow to be vanished, and you'd lose all data be like : guest book, blog accessory, blog tool, and also all which have been attached in your blog forever.

How to backup the template

If you were interested to replace new template or want to redesign your template, It is best to backup your template before you changing any code. this step was as prevented to reduce the fatal risk if the mistake happening in redesign or changing your template. For you that did not yet know how to backup your template, please followed steps below :

How to do blog settings in blogger

The first important thing you should do to make your blog in blogger have the best performance is to do some Settings. As your inspirations on how to do blog settings in blogger, the following, Blogspot Tutorial writes how to setup blog in blogger:
* Please login to blogger with your ID
* Click Setting
blog settings
* You will see the menu tabs containing things to setup:
settings tab

Tutorial in creating blog in Blogspot

1. What is Blog?

Blog is short for "Web log", which is a a web application containing note or writing that are usually called "post" and displaying on the web pages. The posts are often displayed orderly based on the age or based on the time when the writing is written and published, so when you view a blog, you will first find the latest posts, top to bottom of the web page and the first to the last page, if the blog has had more than one web page.
For the first time, blog was created as the online private notes, but along with its development and popularity, blog has various types of contents or writings such as tutorial (e.g. this blog), sharing, business, etc. In general, blogs seem not to have the difference with the sites on the Internet.
The blog platform or used to be called blog machine has been created in such a way by blog designers or developers in order to be user friendly, so the knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, etc that was a must to create a web application, now with blog, everything is so easy as 1, 2, 3.

Managing Your Merchant Account

You know how engaging the process is when you apply for your merchant account. You have to prepare a lot of documents and most of all; you have to be convincing enough that you are trustworthy for any merchant bank or third party merchant account provider to grant you what you are applying for. There are a lot of steps you have to go through and sure does it will consume a lot of your time, effort and energy into making sure that your application will be approved in no time. This is excluding the work you put into account when choosing the right bank or provider that you need for your company.

Want to make you weekend more powerful?

We all look forward to the weekends after 5 days of working.

The best days of the week.

This weekend, I'm spending my time to write this for my readers to read. Tomorrow morning, I'll be taking the 6.00 AM flight to another country with my folks for a vacation.

Last week, I didn't go anywhere but just stayed at home doing my own stuff.

Do the Little Things Right

Do the little things right and so many things go right, like the big things. Here is a story about a guy who made the little things right and made something happiness that many didn't think could happen.

Alan Mulally is now the president and CEO of Ford Motor Company. When he was hired from Boeing he was top executive there, but was turned down to be the CEO at Boeing. Ford offered him the job as CEO and president and he took it, even thought Ford was considered one of the big three to go out of business.
When Alan started his new job at Ford he took some time to look at the inner workings of Ford. After some time he called a meeting of his top managers and told them to give a report on the status of their area of responsibility.

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