Friday, December 31, 2010

Want to make you weekend more powerful?

We all look forward to the weekends after 5 days of working.

The best days of the week.

This weekend, I'm spending my time to write this for my readers to read. Tomorrow morning, I'll be taking the 6.00 AM flight to another country with my folks for a vacation.

Last week, I didn't go anywhere but just stayed at home doing my own stuff.

What do you do during your weekend?

Most of you will either say 'sleeping' or 'resting'.

That's totally fine because I can understand how tiring and exhausting it is working five days straight in the row.

But if that's what you're doing, you're going to achieve your goals at a very slow pace.

Resting to get your mind and body strong again for next week will put you in a repetition mode. Let me just point it out from this angle...

You've been working hard the past 5 days and understandbly, you're tired. Then you take a rest during the weekend so that you can work again on the upcoming 5 days.

You're going in circles.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not asking you to not rest during the weekend. I'm not saying that you're not growing while you're working during the working days. I'm stressing out that you're not maximizing your weekend's time for greater success.

Start creating a power weekend for yourself.

Here are the 5 steps you can achieve this...

Step #1: Appreciate that you get the weekends to 'rest' and do the things you like.

Step #2: Spend some quiet time during the weekend to reflect on your achievements the past week that will help you to achieve greater heights. If you can't find anything new, then you're not progressing but you're just staying afloat rather than swimming ahead.

Step #3: Do something that you like - doesn't have to be productive, it could be a total waste of time but you love doing it. By doing this, you'll feel fulfilled and power up your enthusiasm for the upcoming week.

Step #4: Read something. During your weekdays, you're DOING what you know -- not learning. If you stop learning new things, you'll be repeating what you know throughout your life. Ultimately, you could find that what you know is no longer relevant to the world.

Step #5 (THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP): This is the time that you get to spend with someone you love (wife, husband, mum, dad, granny, grandpa, your kids, etc) or simply catch up with your friends. It is proven that human without love and a positive social life are not happy which leads to sadness.
Seems like lots of stuff to cramp in for 48 hours, yes?

Well, not really. I think you can do it. Maybe you can start with less sleep. (smile)

Right now, I want you to look at it from another angle...

What if there's no such thing as a weekend or a weekday?

Maybe you enjoy doing your job or business as much as you enjoy your weekends?

What if you can do all of the 5 steps during the weekdays too?

You see, the beauty of life is you get to call your own shots. What you want to do with your life is up to you - how you want live it and decide what kind of emotion you want to live in. If you're thinking that you have no control because you have a job, I would disagree with you. If you disagree with a 'no', then the answer is 'no' simply because it's your life, not mine. But if you say 'yes', then amazing ideas start coming to your mind to see how things can work your way.

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